F311DFAD23It’s still hot in Perth, but you’ll be starting to fill a chill in the air soon enough. That means it’s time to reach for those knits and winter jackets that have been in storage or neglected since last winter. If you’re unlucky and find that a pest has made lunch out of your favourite jumper, here are a few things you can look for and do to avoid this next time.

Clothes Moths

Clothes moth larvae feed on organic/animal products such as hair, wool, fur or leather. They may also feed on lint but don’t feed on any synthetic materials, so your poly-blend fabrics will be safe.


Silverfish can be found in dark places as they’re nocturnal. Not only munch on food (keep your kitchen tidy of crumbs!) but can also find their way into stacks of paper such as books as well as closet shelves. It’s best to check cardboard boxes as this is one of the top ways silverfish can be brought into your home.

How to stop pests from ruining your clothes.

There are a number of ways you can stop pests from ruining your clothes.

Ensure that your home is clean and is regularly cleaned, vacuuming well in closets and corners.

Wash your organic fabrics before placing them into storage and seal them in plastic along with mothballs or even a bit of lavender.

Whilst there are readily available sprays, it’s advisable to take steps to ensure your home is properly inspected and any infestation removed. Call us on 08 9303 2622 to schedule in your treatment.