My most recent trip to the Margaret River Wine Region was only slightly marred by the existence of a whole army of flies, who threatened add themselves as an ingredient to the pizza I was eating. I spent the entire meal holding a slice of pizza in one hand as my other acted as an automatic fly swatter. I feel this is a talent that only us proud Aussies really possess, but nonetheless! It can be incredibly annoying, especially if you are entertaining guests over this holiday season.

While we do offer treatments against those pesky flies, you’re probably well aware of this quick little DIY trick to help reduce their numbers in the meantime. The good old soft drink bottle trick consists of the below steps:


  1. You can use any kind of soft drink bottle from a 1lt to 3lt size.
  2. Cut the bottle in half
  3. Place fly bait in the bottom half of the bottle. There are many variations to this and it also depends on your preference. Some have raved about vegemite and water, some use old fruit and some use over-the-counter baits.
  4. Ensure the mouth of the bottle allows for only one fly to go in. You can do this by using tape or cutting the cap to size.
  5. Turn the top part of the bottle into the bottom part, therefore turning it into a funnel.
  6. Place the trap where you expect your winged-friends to stop by. Make as many traps as required.

Once the trap is full or when you’re ready, simply throw it out!

But if those flies aren’t going away, give us a call and we’ll help tailor a solution to you.