Bed bugs aren’t just a nasty pest you discover in the middle of your dream vacation, they can also infest areas in and around where you sleep in your own home. Bed bugs have tiny, slender bodies and even smaller eggs, allowing them to quickly infest anywhere from your mattress to your bed sheets.

Whilst they’re not known to pass any diseases to us, bed bug bites can cause an allergic reaction such as raised and irritated skin around the bite.

Here are some tips to prevent an infestation while you’re travelling:

  • Inspect your hotel room before unpacking. Place your luggage in the bathroom  because if your room is infested, at least they will not get into your suitcase if it’s in the bathroom. Bed Bugs don’t like tiled floors as there is a lack of hiding places.
  • Inspect the bed by unmaking the bed. Pull back the sheets and inspect the bed frame, mattress seams and sheets for bed bugs. Also look for small spots of blood and black spots which could very well be the exoskeleton of a bed bug.
  • Inspect areas near the bed such as the bedside table and the sofa.
  • Do not unpack your clothing into drawers and keep your luggage off the ground.

Once you get back from your travels, it’s important to check through your luggage as you don’t want to potentially bring bed bugs into your home. 

  • Once again, bring your luggage into the bathroom.
  • Put everything in the wash (even items you didn’t wear), using the highest water temperature possible.
  • Once your suitcase is empty, check the lining for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs.  Another good indication of bed bugs is a sweet and unpleasant odor. Vacuum your suitcase inside and out, place it in a sealed plastic bag and place the suitcase out in the sun for at least a day. Empty the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and place in the bin for added protection.
  • If you feel that your home may be infected by bed bugs, immediately contact Elite Pest Control to arrange an inspection.

If you own a hotel or hostel, it’s important to have a bed bug prevention plan in place. Train your staff to spot the signs of infestation and have a bed bug control plan in place.

Elite Pest Control can help with bed bug inspection and control, give us a call!