Pre-Construction Treatments

We are the experts in new home and renovation treatments and provide advice and treatments against termites and can provide moisture protection.

Termites can destroy any structure from the inside out, and most of the damage can be done before they are even detected. The most unfortunate fact is that termite damage is not covered by most insurance policies. We are the specialists in new home and renovation treatments for termite and moisture protection.

Termite barriers commence from under the slab, hence spraying the soil prior to the slab being poured. This is crucial in preventing termite attacks from under concrete areas which may be very expensive to treat if an attack has occurred and this treatment has not been carried out.

We also provide treatments for reticulation systems and physical termite barriers are available.

Slab curing
We highly recommend this treatment particularly in the warmer months, to prevent rapid drying of the concrete slab. This may form cracks in the concrete and cause potential for termites to enter the slab through the cracks.
We also offer Concure, which helps to reduce cracking. Please contact us for more information.
Slab edge water membrane
We offer additional protection to the foundations of your new investment in the form of Slab edge water membrane. This product is applied to the edge of the concrete which prevents any moisture encroaching the edge of the concrete slab.
Homeguard physical barrier
FMX Homeguard Blue is an accredited and high quality product which is installed to parapet/boundary walls or the exterior perimeter of the dwelling.

FMC Homeguard White can be installed to the under slab prior to the concrete slab being poured. Both these products are impregnated with a product which repels and eradicates the active termites immediately and has a manufacturer 50 year long life span guarantee. You may wish to visit for additional information and warranty.

Collar & Pipes
These products are installed to pipe penetrations on the dwelling, including bathrooms and laundry/kitchen areas to avoid possible termite entry in these moisture related areas. They have been impregnated so termite repellent lasts for up to 50 years.

Installation of reticulation piping to the exterior perimeter, allowing various termite products to be “pumped up” into the system. Eliminate the need for any holes to be drilled in the future. Through your expense, tiling or pour concrete.

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