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Flies have the potential to ruin just about any summer barbecue in Perth.

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Flies have the potential to ruin just about any summer barbecue in Perth. Not only are they incredibly annoying, but they also pose many health risks to us, especially if exposed to the food we’re eating!

Flies are quick and move quickly, easily leaving our food vulnerable to being contaminated and leading to a variety of diseases, one being Salmonella.

Health Risks

Sanitation is absolutely critical, particularly if you own a business that handles food. Flies can spread diseases and parasites to animals. Myiasis in the infection of an animal with fly larvae (maggots). This disease is common on cattle and sheep. It can also occur in humans when certain species of flies are attracted to irritated skin, where they lay eggs. The larvae then hatches and burrows into the skin. Depending on the type of fly, the larvae remain in the skin and cause abscess like lesions. They can also wander extensively through the body and cause damage to various organs. Intestinal myiasis occurs when humans swallow food containing the eggs of larvae. Flies carry diseases such as Salmonella and E. Coli. People who ingest food items that have been contaminated by flies (whether it be from the utensils or food itself) may experience serious illness.

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