Bee Pest Control

As the weather warms up in Perth and flowers begin to bloom once more, so does bee activity.

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When hives become too small to house a colony, moving bees leave in search of a new home. They tend to occupy cavities and you could find yourself with a swarm or the beginning stages of a new hive on your property in the cavities of pergola frames, for example. More difficult to reach places are chimney’s. Hives and swarms can also be extremely noisy, which isn’t so significant considering the fact that most bees (such as worker bees) sting whether they are provoked or not.
Health Risks
It’s important to remove the stinger immediately after being stung by a bee.
Bee Removal
Allowing a bee hive to grow near your home can result in a potentially dangerous situation as the risk of encountering a swarm is likely. It is much easier to remove a swarm cluster from your property, but we also offer removal of hives.

Bee Treatments

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