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How dangerous are spider bites to your pet?

How dangerous are spiders for your pets?It is prime breeding season for spiders in Perth, so it’s important to understand the risk that spiders pose to not only your family but your furry friends as well and also set up a plan for spider control in the coming months.

Our cats absolutely love to eat spiders. The first time this ever happened, I had looked over to see one of my cats playing with a Huntsman. By the time I returned with a sheet of card, a glass, one eye open and a trembling hand ready to capture the critter and throw him outside, I noticed he was gone. Could it be possible that my cat ate a Huntsman? I spent the next few hours googling (can cats die from eating spiders?) and monitoring my cat (who looked quite satisfied). The end result was that everything was ok and at least I didn’t have to go near the Huntsman.

My obsessive googling revealed this:; if your cat eats a spider, even a venomous spider, there is little to no risk. A quick call to the vet reassured me that everything should be fine,  but just to simply monitor him over the next few hours. If he started panting – which is not really a characteristic in cats – I should rush him to the vet. But he continued looking pretty pleased with himself and since it’s Day Three after THE Huntsman incident, I assume everything is fine.

The same also goes for dogs, as a venomous spider in the digestive system would have its venom neutralized by acid and be of little to no risk.

A spider bite, on the other hand, can be a different story. Depending on the thickness of your pets fur, a spider bite would have to penetrate the skin in order to affect it. If your pet has been bitten, note or capture the spider so that it can be correctly identified and appropriate treatment given to your pet. If in doubt, call your vet immediately but in the meantime, watch for the following signs even if you’re unsure if your pet has been bitten:

  • trouble breathing
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • paralysis
  • inability to stand (test your pet by picking it up and putting it back down)

It’s breeding season for spiders in Perth so it is important to have a pest control plan in place. See our price list for our Spider packages, or contact us to book your treatment.

Bed Bug prevention tips

Bed bugs aren’t just a nasty pest you discover in the middle of your dream vacation, they can also infest areas in and around where you sleep in your own home. Bed bugs have tiny, slender bodies and even smaller eggs, allowing them to quickly infest anywhere from your mattress to your bed sheets.

Whilst they’re not known to pass any diseases to us, bed bug bites can cause an allergic reaction such as raised and irritated skin around the bite.

Here are some tips to prevent an infestation while you’re travelling:

  • Inspect your hotel room before unpacking. Place your luggage in the bathroom  because if your room is infested, at least they will not get into your suitcase if it’s in the bathroom. Bed Bugs don’t like tiled floors as there is a lack of hiding places.
  • Inspect the bed by unmaking the bed. Pull back the sheets and inspect the bed frame, mattress seams and sheets for bed bugs. Also look for small spots of blood and black spots which could very well be the exoskeleton of a bed bug.
  • Inspect areas near the bed such as the bedside table and the sofa.
  • Do not unpack your clothing into drawers and keep your luggage off the ground.

Once you get back from your travels, it’s important to check through your luggage as you don’t want to potentially bring bed bugs into your home. 

  • Once again, bring your luggage into the bathroom.
  • Put everything in the wash (even items you didn’t wear), using the highest water temperature possible.
  • Once your suitcase is empty, check the lining for bed bugs or signs of bed bugs.  Another good indication of bed bugs is a sweet and unpleasant odor. Vacuum your suitcase inside and out, place it in a sealed plastic bag and place the suitcase out in the sun for at least a day. Empty the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag and place in the bin for added protection.
  • If you feel that your home may be infected by bed bugs, immediately contact Elite Pest Control to arrange an inspection.

If you own a hotel or hostel, it’s important to have a bed bug prevention plan in place. Train your staff to spot the signs of infestation and have a bed bug control plan in place.

Elite Pest Control can help with bed bug inspection and control, give us a call!

Protecting your clothes from household pests.

F311DFAD23It’s still hot in Perth, but you’ll be starting to fill a chill in the air soon enough. That means it’s time to reach for those knits and winter jackets that have been in storage or neglected since last winter. If you’re unlucky and find that a pest has made lunch out of your favourite jumper, here are a few things you can look for and do to avoid this next time.

Clothes Moths

Clothes moth larvae feed on organic/animal products such as hair, wool, fur or leather. They may also feed on lint but don’t feed on any synthetic materials, so your poly-blend fabrics will be safe.


Silverfish can be found in dark places as they’re nocturnal. Not only munch on food (keep your kitchen tidy of crumbs!) but can also find their way into stacks of paper such as books as well as closet shelves. It’s best to check cardboard boxes as this is one of the top ways silverfish can be brought into your home.

How to stop pests from ruining your clothes.

There are a number of ways you can stop pests from ruining your clothes.

Ensure that your home is clean and is regularly cleaned, vacuuming well in closets and corners.

Wash your organic fabrics before placing them into storage and seal them in plastic along with mothballs or even a bit of lavender.

Whilst there are readily available sprays, it’s advisable to take steps to ensure your home is properly inspected and any infestation removed. Call us on 08 9303 2622 to schedule in your treatment.

DIY Fly Trap

My most recent trip to the Margaret River Wine Region was only slightly marred by the existence of a whole army of flies, who threatened add themselves as an ingredient to the pizza I was eating. I spent the entire meal holding a slice of pizza in one hand as my other acted as an automatic fly swatter. I feel this is a talent that only us proud Aussies really possess, but nonetheless! It can be incredibly annoying, especially if you are entertaining guests over this holiday season.

While we do offer treatments against those pesky flies, you’re probably well aware of this quick little DIY trick to help reduce their numbers in the meantime. The good old soft drink bottle trick consists of the below steps:


  1. You can use any kind of soft drink bottle from a 1lt to 3lt size.
  2. Cut the bottle in half
  3. Place fly bait in the bottom half of the bottle. There are many variations to this and it also depends on your preference. Some have raved about vegemite and water, some use old fruit and some use over-the-counter baits.
  4. Ensure the mouth of the bottle allows for only one fly to go in. You can do this by using tape or cutting the cap to size.
  5. Turn the top part of the bottle into the bottom part, therefore turning it into a funnel.
  6. Place the trap where you expect your winged-friends to stop by. Make as many traps as required.

Once the trap is full or when you’re ready, simply throw it out!

But if those flies aren’t going away, give us a call and we’ll help tailor a solution to you.

Purchasing a new home? What to look for.

Purchasing a new home will most probably be one of the biggest investments you will ever make. To protect your potential new home, it is important to hire an expert in the field to properly inspect the structure for pest infestations no matter the size. Even small infestations may prove to be a headache in the future, and if the structure already has significant damage done by Termites, it pays to find out before you pay!

On the other hand, if you are currently selling your new home it can certainly help your chances at securing a quick sale if a pest inspection is done beforehand, to give potential buyers peace of mind.

At Elite Pest Control, we provide quality and extensive inspection on your structure including a visual timber pest inspection and report in accordance with AS434932010. We report on the visual evidence of termite activity (if any), damage and wood decay that is found. If the home you are selling or wish to buy currently has a termite infestation, we can help and work out a full termite treatment plan.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, you can be rest assured that the pest inspection of your home is carried out by the experts! Contact Elite Pest Control today by phoning 08 9303 2622 and schedule a free, no-obligation quote.

Do over the-counter baits work?

Summer is fast approaching and we often receive questions regarding over-the-counter baits and sprays and if they work. If your home is currently suffering from a large infestation, an over-the-counter bait or spray will not be effective in protecting your family against the health risks associated with pests found around the home.

The other question we receive is where to put the baits in the home? It really depends on where the infestation is and how large it is. Seeing one cockroach could mean that there is an infestation close by and possibly out of sight, tucked away in a dark corner somewhere (perhaps the corner of a pantry?).

Before spending money on over-the-counter sprays and baits, be sure to give Elite Pest Control a call for a free, no-obligation consultation.

How to remove pests in your home

Pests can easily crawl into your life (pun intended) without you even realising. Most pests pose health risks to you, your family and your furry friends. We’ve got some handy tips to help reduce pests in and around your home.

  • Pests love to hide in cavities created by general clutter. Think stacks of papers, soft drink cartons and the obvious choice is your small kitchen bin. Make sure to clean your home regularly and keep it free from clutter.
  • Wash bed linen in hot water each week. This helps get rid of any nasties that might be hiding between the sheets.
  • Sprinkle chilli powder around the edge of your garden or base of your plants to repel pests.
  • Clean your kitchen regularly to keep it free of crumbs.
  • Mix 30 milliliters of water with the same amount of vanilla extract in a spray bottle, and you have yourself a home remedy against the mosquitoes. They cannot stand the smell of vanilla.
  • Keep lavender in your closet to keep moths at bay.
  • Make sure you store any of those left over biscuits and cereals in air-tight containers. This helps keep the pests at bay.
  • Lemon is a fantastic non-toxic treatment against pests. Ants, cockroaches and fleas hate the smell of citrus!

Protect your family from cockroaches!

As the weather starts to warm up and the roaches start eyeing your home, follow these simple tips to protect your family from cockroaches! There are a few simple things you can do:

  • Clean spills and crumbs as quickly as possible.
  • Do a regular weekly clean inside your kitchen cupboards.
  • Store all food in airtight containers and never leave food out.
  • Cockroaches can easily slip through cracks in the wall, so it’s important to seal all cracks around your kitchen.
  • Inspect shopping bags before putting away groceries to prevent from smuggling cockroaches into your home.
  • Don’t leave pet food out in the open.
  • Be mindful to put stacks of papers and magazines away.
  • Empty the kitchen’s rubbish bin regularly.

If you discover a cockroach infestation in your home, give Elite Pest Control a call!

Top 4 Reasons to get rid of Termites!

If you’re a home owner or own your own business, pest control is imperative to keep your home in tip top shape and away from pests that could be destroying your building without you even knowing, before it’s too late! Here are our top ten reasons why you need pest control.

  1. 1 in 4 of all Australian homes will be infested with termites during its life.
  2. Termites eat a lot of materials that make up a house and can destroy a house from the inside without any evidence on the outside.
  3. Termites do billions of dollars damage to buildings every year throughout the world.
  4. Termites cause more damage to homes in Australia than fire, floods, storms and tempest combined.

Our pest control specialists can give you advice on how to reduce risk around the yard and check your home yourself.

Give us a call to arrange for an inspection or a treatment tailored to your needs.

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